August 16, 2014
"How do you view yourself?"
“Extremely good looking, great personality, and cool under pressure.”
“Wow… we do not give you enough feedback, my friend."

— The Life and Times of Tim

June 8, 2014
The Midnight Mass - Edward Timothy Hurley

The Midnight Mass - Edward Timothy Hurley

June 8, 2014

April 18, 2014
"Only simple men can see the logic in whatever
smarter men can whittle down till you can fit it on a sticker"

— Drive By Truckers - Made Up English Oceans

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March 30, 2014
"I swim towards your ship
like a missile guided by vague feelings"

— Fragment Two - These New Puritans

March 30, 2014

Then the west will rise again
The west will rise again
So good night vain children
Tonight is yours

The lights are yours
If you’d just ask for more
Than poverty and war
If you’d just ask for more

(And the day has come)
What we loved was not enough
(When we no longer feel)
What we loved was not enough


— What We Loved Was Not Enough - Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra

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March 29, 2014
"Think I’m-a wear the yellow tux at the Grammy’s
And rock out with my cock out…
Like “who this kid think he is?”
It’s just something I’ve seen Prince do
It’s true…
No matter what, I’m showing up
Who gives a flying floating fuck
What people say, or think?
Cause end of the day, start of the day they all said we wouldn’t get here anyway
You blink, and Wolf Gang’s in this bitch…"

— Astro - MellowHype & Frank Ocean

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March 24, 2014
"Privatise the sea.
Privatise the wind.
Don’t just tinker
with unseeded cloud,
you got to sell
weather itself.
Set it free.
Don’t waste good air,
breathing isn’t paying its way."

— Robert Wyatt - New Information Order (N.I.O.)

March 23, 2014

I make compilations. I fancied putting them on the internet. This is the latest.

Play on Spotify: HT17

September 11, 2013
"Do you imagine your suffering will be any less because you loved goodness and truth?"

— The Thin Red Line

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August 13, 2013

Ya blew it.

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August 3, 2013

The point of all this is to show how Kanye is fighting with himself for who he wants to be. And that is a good way to portray Kanye, since he is so full of contradictions. He’s a backpack rapper that became the best known mainstream artist. He’s a perfectionist at his craft who doesn’t seem to have any control on his life at times. He’s one of the most intelligent and diligent artists of the 21st century but is often portrayed as an ignorant asshole.

The perfectionist side of Kanye that keeps urging him to keep control over anything just ends up “dark and lonely” in the streets of Chicago. But the side of Kanye that would rather just get drunk and spaz out gets any girl he wants. This makes it tough for the side of Kanye that wants control of his actions to keep going the way he’s going, since it could lead to him being lonely later in life. Both sides are fighting and trying to convince Kanye how to live his life.


June 21, 2013
Dorothea Tanning - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (1943)

Dorothea Tanning - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (1943)

June 16, 2013
"I have only two emotions
Careful fear and dead devotion"

— The National - Don’t Swallow The Cap

June 14, 2013
"To the maniacs
And aristocrat grifters
To the zealots
To the monarchs
What up brainiacs?
Compulsively acidic rainiacs
Repulsively predictable painiacs
To the liars
For the devils night fires
Same to you too town cryer
Top O’the morning morbid
Quite a day we’re having gorgeous
Salutations unimportant
Hello uninspired"

— El-P - $4 Vic

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